Skin & Anti Oxidents

Ever heard of people talking about the goodness of antioxidatants. But do you really know what antioxidants are? How are they beneficial for your skin? What are the sources of antioxidants? This article will give you an insight about antioxidants. Before knowing about antioxidants, first we need to know about free radicals.


What are free radicals? 

Free radicals are those “free” or “unpaired” electrons that are flying around and cause damage to your cell, structure and genetic material (DNA). 


Free radicals play a dual role in our body that can be both beneficial and harmful. Our body purposely creates free radicals to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, too much of it affects the DNA, lipids and proteins that can trigger diseases. These free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules that have one or more unpaired electrons. To gain stability, they attack stable molecules, triggering a chain reaction that damages healthy cells.


How are free radicals formed?

Free radicals are formed from environmental damage, which can result from the sun, pollution, radiation, tobacco and stress, toxic chemicals, to name a few sources. Once an overload of free radicals is present in our system, it causes "oxidative stress" (an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects)


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